Wasn't she the best ever?

I was always impressed with her wit, her beauty, her intelligence, and her sense of humor.

Mr. Baby came to work with me today, but he didn’t last long. He can’t sit up on his own so I can’t plop him on a mat with a thousand toys, but he wants to smack and/or lick everything so sitting on my lap at my desk is a no go. I have a weekly meeting with the other administrative assistants on Wednesdays, but this week our usual coffee shop was closed. We ended up walking six blocks to get to a Starbucks. Mr. Baby was in the Moby, and we were both a sweaty mess when we got there. On the way back he was diaper only. Well, diaper and the most adorable turtle hat ever. All of his delicate little skin was safe from the sun and nobody was soaked with sweat.

While I was changing him, one of the gals found out her dad died. So, so sad. :( He was in his eighties, but it was still unexpected.

Ross got a call from Guess?. Hooooly crap I hope this happens.